A widow traveling from grief into a bodacious life filled with joy & love. Let me guide you to your joy. A first step: Bit.ly/3TipsGivingAwayYourHusbandsThings

And I’m eternally grateful for it

Alzheimer’s, widows, grief, life lessons, mindset, relief from grief
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Note: I wrote this story on December 10, 2019. At the time, it was too raw for me to publish it. I still cry when I read it. Yet, I want to let other widows know they too can get relief from their grief. …

If choices determine our state: How can you make each moment magical?

grief, grieving, get out of grief, relief from grief, widows, widow, bodaciousness, becoming bodacious
Image by ibreakstock. Graphic created by Linda Halladay.

July 16, 2021

Sunny and warm, in Central Florida

Yesterday was the first day Jim and I were apart for more than a few hours. We’ve been with each other every day since February 15, 2020. Seventeen months. Or 519 days. Which equals 12,456 hours of togetherness.

Every moment of…

It may seem harsh, but do you always want to live your life grieving?

Grief, grieving, widows, widow, relief from grief, mindset, life, inspiration
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It’s said that attitude is everything.


Because your attitude is going to determine whether you keep after your dreams or give up … settling for unhappiness, pain, and a crappy life.

It can be your perspective, beliefs, thoughts, viewpoints, convictions, or mindset about your life, situation, and future. If…

If You Want to Live a Wonderful, Bodacious Life

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Every day we wake up, many of us don’t give much thought to the time we have left in our lives.

Some of us think, Oh crap, another day of _________. (Fill in the blank about what kind of suffering, irritation, sadness, or problem you may have going on…

Value Every Single Particle of Time You Have

Photo by Michal Malton on Unsplash. Graphic by the author.

I’m reading a book entitled, “Permission to Dream” by Chris Gardner (The “Pursuit of Happyness” author). In the beginning pages, I was struck by two passages. They resonated with me. They indicated that I’m traveling on the “right path” toward creating the best life I could live.

In the prologue…

Musings that got me out of self-defeating, negative inner chatter

Photo by Wonderlaine on Unsplash. Graphic by author.

May 31, 2021

Rainy, cloudy, 56 degrees near Denver

For Colorado, we’ve gotten a lot of rain for the past few days. It may or may not help reduce some of the State’s draught conditions by filling the mountain reservoirs. Either way, the grass and surrounding landscapes are lush green…

And strengthened my resolve to live a joyful and blissful life.

Widows, Grief, Relief from Grief, Life Lessons, Inspiration
Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash. Graphic created by Linda Halladay.

I was enjoying a pleasant day, listening to “My Likes” on Amazon music.

Then beginning strains of a song, hoped forgotten, began to play.

Immediately, I cringed.

It was the song I played at my husband’s celebration of life. It’s called “Asleep Beneath the Moon.”

Memories of his last moments…

Creative and thought-provoking ideas about how to get relief from grief by Linda Halladay

I am over 60 and became a widow in my 21st year of marriage to my husband. As a widow and a writer, I want to help guide other widows over 60 to get through their grief.

On my trek across the land of grief, I found much of what…

Linda Halladay

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